What Should You Feed Your Pomeranian?

Anyone who has been a long term reader, knows how fussy we are about the food, treats, and products we get for our dogs. Having 6 dogs means I am having to cater for every dog’s wants and needs, and their individual preferences within that. It can become hard, and there is no one size fits all solution. They are all different beings, but  one thing they all have in common is that they love variety!!

So here are the foods that we feed our dogs and recommend for Pomeranians

Different Dog

Different Dogs dog food is hand cooked in small batches with locally sourced British ingredients. They don’t use legumes, fillers or grains meaning that you are getting the most animal protein possible for your money with a huge emphasis on quality ingredients.

Different Dogs is a subscription food service that delivers hand cooked meals direct to your door. The meals keep for 5 days once they arrive, but are designed to be kept in the freezer until needed making them very convenient for City dogs as there is always a meal close to hand. Having the food delivered means I don’t need to remember to run to the pet shop and stock up on food.

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Butternut Box

Butternut Box uses Human-quality meat and vegetables, gently cooked to create simpletasty, and complete meals. All created with the right balance of vitamins and minerals for dogs of every age.

Butternut is fresh dog food. That means we gently cook all of our recipes to make sure that we get rid of any harmful bacteria whilst also preserving the high-quality vitamins and minerals naturally found in our carefully selected ingredients.

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Poop Test

This might sound gross, but I am always checking my dogs poop to get a rough idea as to how their health is, and how they are doing with their food. Some commercially available dog foods have changed my dog’s poop for the worse- either too soft, too frequent or too hard to pass. So keep an eye on your dogs poop and see how they are getting on with their food