Pomeranian Enrichment Box

Pomeranian Enrichment Box

Our Pomeranian Enrichment Boxes are designed specifically for Pomeranians. Having had Pomeranians in our lives for several years, we know what toys, chews and accessories will make your Pom’s heart jump for joy. 

As dog trainers and behaviourists (with over 18 years of experience) we have made sure that the toys included help reduce boredom, and increase calmness and engagement.

The treats and chews included in your box have all been tested and approved as Pom safe. We provide small treats that are perfect for training rewards (or hiding in enrichment toys), and longer lasting chews to keep your Pom busy for longer periods of time.

We love making these Enrichment Boxes for our own dogs and their friends, so we thought we would make them available to the rest of our Pom community.

We have 3 boxes for you to choose from


(personalised enrichment toys and treats )

This years Valentines box is designed to show our Pomeranians how much we love them. We only have a set number of these boxes available as we had to order some of the toys from Japan and the USA a few months ago. All of the toys, treats and goodies have been tested out by my 4 Poms (Broadway especially loves the enrichment toys), and they are all appropriately sized and loved.

Birthday Box £60 

(Birthday Presents, personalised enrichment toys and treats)

This enrichment box is designed to help celebrate your Poms special day. We love pom’s and we know you do too. So to celebrate the wonder of your little one this birthday, we have put together the most perfect enrichment box filled to the brim with goodies specially ordered from Japan and the USA.

This box is also perfect as a gift for a Pom birthday party. 


Treatless £40 

(personalised enrichment toys and goodies)

Your Pomeranian doesnt like treats? no problem at all. This treatless box is filled with a range of toys that your Pom will love. All of the toys have been tested by our 5 Poms and they love them all