About Us

Pitter Patter of Pom Paws

London Pomeranians was founded in 2019 (initially as a WhatsApp group) to help bring the Pomeranian Community in and around London together. As the comunity continued to expand, we introduced a Facebook Community, newsletter and then our Instagram page.  Since the beginning of London Pomeranians, community has been key. We strive to unite Pom owners so they feel less alone, and always feel enpowered to ask questions about their Pomeranian (no matter how silly they think it may be). The community is key to everything we do.

We organise regular walks at different parks in London, coffee dates with our dogs and dinner and cocktails at dog friendly restaurants.

During the peak of the Covid Pandemic, London Pomeranians gave back to their London neighbours by sending funny and cute videos to children who were having lonely birthdays during Lockdowns, or providing comfort to upset teens during the exam fiasco after lockdown. 

These stories of the amazing London Poms around us inspire us to give even more back to the Pomeranian community with products, services, and advice to make sure that all humans and their PomPoms are living their best life.

We really look forward to meeting you on our next Pom Adventure.